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Who are we?

Everytime we go to India, something magical happens.


 This time, we started an Ashram.


Congratulations, you now have a Home in India! Yes YOU, the person reading this page.

This place was created for people like us - people who want to leave places better than we found them. People with an open heart and a fondness for generosity.

It's a small house nestled in the green hills of Kovalam Beach in the south of India.

It's painted green and it's surrounded by exotic fruit trees - and we are planting many more !

Kovalam Beach is a buzzing place, with lots of nice cafés, restaurants, massage centers and small boutiques.

We started this project because we wanted to create a hub for travelers to embrace the Yoga Way.

It's more like a home away from home where simplicity is at the center of our lifestyle.

We wake up early, practice yoga, meditation, pranayama, and spend the rest of our day spreading the good vibes.

It's a sober home (no drinking & no smoking) and we prefer a vegetarian diet.

We practice Seva and Karma Yoga, or the selfless devotion to a cause that is higher than you. When you come, we expect you to help make this place a more wonderful home for everyone. From gardening , picking up plastics and spreading kindness, there are so many ways for you to contribute.

On top of your daily yoga, there are many activities and visits to do around here - scuba diving, surfing, visiting temples, or even an ayurvedic cleanse.

Remember, "health is wealth and peace of mind is happiness".

We welcome you year round, for as long as you want, and if there are no rooms available, we'll let you crash on your yoga mat or we could help you find a cheap hotel.

So, when should we expect you?

Can I come?

This is a place of love and deep connexion ! Remember, it's a Home, not a hotel.

The rent is covered by our non-profit korAkor, and we need your help too!

You can help us fundraise to make this place sustainable, and once you come, feel free to purchase what's needed at the moment and leave a donation for our utility bills. The food is a collective venture and we share the kitchen. You can chose to eat on your own or join the potluck.

We work on the honor system, as we trust that, deep inside, your intention is to contribute positively to this place. Our philosophy is to give the best we can with what we have.

Stay as long as you wish, take side trips, use us as a base, and spread the word to the people you trust.

About korAkor

We are a grassroots non-profit organization. We spread love, kindness and positivity. Over the last 15 years, we have created and contributed to many beautiful projects around the world. TATWAMASI is one of them!

Our goal is to create a network of places and people that will help us make this world even more wonderful (and fertile).

Here's our page for more info.

Seva - the power of serving

Seva and Karma Yoga are a major pillar of our philosophy. We believe in serving the greater community, for no other reason than to spread love and kindness.

There are so many ways to help and contribute. We want this place to be beautiful, welcoming and spiritually rich. If you are keen on gardening, plant more fruit trees and help us grow more food. You have a creative mind? Great, put it to work and bring colors to our walls. Are you a keen photographer? Share what we do with the world.

I'm sure you will find ways to share your talent with us.

What to do around Kovalam Beach

- Surf (great for beginners)
- Café with descent wifi (Digital Nomads welcome!)

- Tons of great restaurants
- Major temples
- The largest shiva Lingam in the world

- A more intense yoga ashram
- The famous lighthouse
- The fishermen village
- Scuba diving
- Healing, massages, cupping, acupuncture…

- Panchakarma and ayurvedic treatments

- Many more ...

How to get here ?

- You need a tourist visa: E-visas are very easy to get within a few days
- Land in Trivandrum Internationl Airport (If you come from outside India, you will first bounce in New Delhi or Mumbai)
- There is a train station in Trivandrum

- We can send you a rickshaw (tuktuk) or taxi for airport pick-up (40 mins)
- It's also possible to catch a local bus for the more adventurous ones


- Sleep for free in the center (if a bed is available great, otherwise, buy a small mattress and sleep on it, or use your yoga mat)
- Many hotels from 1 to 5 star are available on the beach - starting at 8€ for a single room with private bathroom.

- Pitch your tent next to the house

Road Trip to India

If you come see us, you might as well visit other places of interests. We'd be happy to help you plan your

first road trip to India. There is just so much to see! Your life-changing journey is waiting for you!

Meet Vasudev (the Guardian)

I met Vasudev in Kovalam Beach and our friendship started over a yoga class. We bonded very quickly and decided to start this project together. I'm constantly traveling and helping other projects grow. On the other side, Vasudev has agreed  to be the current guardian and coordinator of our little home. He lives next door and will be offering yoga classes daily (500 rupees = less than 6€ per session) as well as other paying services (massages, reiki...).

No matter what, he will do his best to make you feel at home, to give you tips and share his knowledge about India. He will also assist you on getting here safely. We'll give you his WhatsApp number.

 Tatwamasi philosophy

Tat Twa Masi = You Are That.

You could spend a lifetime meditating on it.

In the end, it means what you want it to mean. I personally see it as a radical acceptance of who we are, in our entirety. We can only be defined by this moment and the actions we do. You are that, all of that!

It's a bit like the 'I see you' of Avatar. I see who you are, and I welcome every part of you.

I might not agree with what you say, and I don't need to change who you are. Be you, totally yourself and may we get to experience the best of you.

At TATWAMASI, we have a few important sayings.

"I take care of you and you take care of me". I will welcome you like a brother and a sister. We are here for each other!

"It's part of the program". We believe everything we experience, the good and the bad, the inspiring and the frustrating is part of the program we have chosen. You are not happy with your circumstances? Change your program.

Stay with us

Before you stay with us, we'd like to hear from you.

What are you doing with your one precious life?

Who are you? Do you have any special talent you'd like to share with us? When would you like to come, and for how long?

Let's get in touch first and we'll give you all the details you need.

First contact via email or whastApp message.


Packaged Program

We can organize a packaged program for you with local visits, yoga program, therapy, surf lessons, and many more options....

If interested, talk to us.

Support us

Our work is made possible by your support. Consider donating money so we can plant more and pursue this vision.

You can also help in other ways. Spread the word, volunteer, help us fundraise, teach yoga...

Here's our current Wishlist:

- 4 beds + linens (100€)

- Fridge (80€)

- Stove + kitchenware (150€)

- Building a shala (yoga center) on the rooftop (2000€)

Follow us

Follow us

coming with a group? we got your back!

Want to become a team teacher? get in touch

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