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  • What is a korAkor expedition?
    An ‘Expedition’ through our eyes, is an experiential ‘journey’ or ‘voyage’ that is undertaken by a group of people sharing a similar vision, goal or set of objectives. Originally you undertake this journey in order to experience and learn more about yourself and the ‘physical’ world that you find yourself living in. On a deeper level this has the knock-on-effect eventually, of helping you open your eyes more fully so you can catch a real glimpse internally of your ‘true’ Self, the ‘non-physical’ world, and who you REALLY are. As by experiencing something new, different and challenging on all levels together with others, and by exploring an unfamiliar landscape, you are left transformed and inspired in ways that you couldn't imagine possible before. You now feel more open to live your dreams, follow your heart and ultimately to go on to discover your full potential in life.
  • How many other people will there be on the expedition?
    We like small groups. Therefore the MAXIMUM number of people on any expedition is 11. Which is divided up into seven participant, plus four team leaders: an Expedition Leader, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, a Creative Arts Teacher & Village Representative.
  • What is meditation?
    Some people may consider meditation to be a worship or a prayer. But it is not so! Meditation means ‘awareness,’ and whatever you do with ‘awareness’ is meditation. Watching your breath is meditation; listening to the birds is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation. Meditation is not a technique, but a ‘way of life.’ Meditation means 'a stopping of the thought process.’ It describes a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of scattered thoughts, associations and various predictable negative patterns of response. The observer (the one who is doing the meditation), realizes then how all the activity of the mind suddenly is reduced to a silent and empty ‘nothingness;’ as we move ourselves closer to a connected feeling of ‘oneness’ and a deep, infinite and eternal connection with everyone, everywhere and everything around us! Many years ago meditation was considered something just not meant for modern day people, but now it has become very popular with all types of individuals from all corners of the world. Published scientific and medical evidence has proved its benefits, but it still needs to be much understood by the majority of the global human population. With regular practice of a balanced series of techniques, the energy of your body and mind can be liberated, and the quality of your consciousness and therefore quality of your life experience here on earth, can be expanded.
  • Is there anything else specific I should know about korAkor expeditions?
    As you are now more aware, our projects are somewhere in the middle between being an ‘active adventure expedition’ and being a ‘peaceful spiritual retreat.’ That means that we try to keep the conditions as controlled as is sensibly possible, so you are able to gain the most from the experience, and to maximize your opportunity for personal development and spiritual growth. Therefore, we do respect the basic regulative principles of traditional good yogic meditation practice. Which include: No intoxication of yourself whilst on the project (that includes with alcohol, cannabis, caffeine, tobacco or with any other mind altering substances), and... No meat or fish eating whilst on the project either, as our expedition is strictly vegetarian. These guidelines have been put in place, to allow you to have the rare opportunity to detoxify your bodies completely. So that the true beneficial effects of a good regular yoga and meditation practice, combined with the healthy consumption of mainly fresh & natural foods, can be felt to its maximum potential!
  • Can I customise my volunteer experience?
    Unfortunately no you can't but we hope to add the choice to customize soon... so stay tuned!
  • Who are the Tribu?
    ‘Tribu’ are what we like to call our expedition team members here at korAkor. To us the term simply symbolizes "THE JOURNEY" that everyone will be making altogether as a group but also individually! The term also represents someone who has not only made the step to volunteer to serve and give to others (i.e. from a physical point of view), but also to volunteer for ‘themselves’ and their own spiritual growth (i.e. from a non-physical point of view); and therefore in doing so, for the good of everyone, everything, everywhere! As only in this way can each of us, and our magnificent planet Earth truly change for the better, moving the world gradually towards ‘Oneness,’ by realizing peace has to first begin at the roots of the consciousness of each and every individual. With YOU and I! As one person grows and becomes free, at the exact same moment so does the whole world grow and become free!
  • What is your philosophy?
    To spread a message of love, peace, beauty and internal balance through the creative human art of ideas, insights and action, throughout the world and throughout the cosmos. To give people the chance to be a part of something positive, grow internally and the chance to really make a difference in the world. To enhance peoples' awareness, feeling and sensitivity to life, the spirit and the energy in the universe, through the interaction with other people from around the world and our living breathing planet. To explore the mystery of life, and question everything. To help nurture the ‘inner warrior’ that is in everyone. Encouraging people to follow their hearts and live their dreams. To help restore our deep inner connection with the natural world, and in doing so guide people in re-discovering the path to interdependence and understanding the power of ‘living in the now.’ To ultimately act as a ‘pointer tool’ to the realization of who we really are. That we are already whole, complete, happy and perfect if we just learn how to ‘open our eyes’ to it.
  • Where are you based?
    At the moment we have two main bases, SW France (Europe) and SE Florida (USA). We also have hubs around the world; people and projects that we are in collaboration with. This list is ever expanding and includes, Guatemala, Mexico, Madagascar, India, Nepal, and Indonesia.
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